Hey, I’m Chris.

I’m a gallivant creative from Miami, FL on the pursuit of warm sounds and good vibes. I started making music at a very young age and have been making records since 2014. I really care about the music I make, and the people I get to make it with. I’m thankful to have been, in one way or another, involved in projects that pushed me to think outside of the box, exposing me to many different record-making philosophies. I believe it has helped me become very flexible when it comes to understanding an Artist’s vision for their music. I’m also very into music licensing and feel very grateful to have landed many sync placements with my own music on MTV, Movies, and TV commercials all around the world.

I believe a producer should be everything an artist isn’t, and vise versa. I’m comfortable working on a large-format console in a pristine studio or in a bedroom with an Apollo Twin. Ultimately, I just want to help you make something you can be proud of in 10 years. So whatever that may look like for you, would love to jump on your project.


Christian Carcamo’s “Closer To You” on Mercedes-Benz comercial